Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is AITMC?
A) AITMC is a nongovernmental organization registered under Article 64 Trust.
Q) Who are the promoters of the AITMC?
A) It’s a trust and everybody can be its member. The management is selected for a tenure of two years by voting.a
Q) What is the vision of AITMC?
A) To bridge the gap between the industry and academia to promote employment.
Q) How can AITMC help in industrial growth?
A) AITMC helps SMEs in the policy processes and by funding and providing them with skilled manpower free of cost to promote them.
Q) How does AITMC provide efficient and skilled manpower?
A) AITMC is a membership-based organization that associates with corporate and institutes. We take specific requirements from industry members and pass them on to institute members. AITMC trains the students of institutes according to industry requirements and provides skilled manpower to the industries.
Q) What is the service of AITMC?
A) AITMC charges an annual membership fees from industries and institutes both, and also sells space in its magazine 3i dimensions.
Q) Does AITMC take up government projects?
A) AITMC supports government initiatives for skill development and industry promotion handled by different departments like NSDC, MSME, NSIC, Labour and employment etc.
Q) How can any industry or academia become a member of AITMC? What is the fee structure and what are the benefits?
A) The benefits and fee structure are available on the website. You can download the membership form from our website and submit it to the membership departments. You can also send an e-mail at
Q) How does AITMC train students in member institutes?
A) AITMC selects member institutes in 3-4 districts and makes them Centres of Excellence. Post the training, different companies hold campus placements in these centres.
Q) What is AITMC’s plan for the near future?
A) AITMC is targeting 5000 corporate members and planning to extablish 100 Centres of Excellence across India in the next 1 year. It is also in the process of launching its monthly magazine in December 2014.