Improve industrial growth - Increase employment opportunities - Build the nation

While concentrating on the present, AITMC also thinks about the future. AITMC visions a country that has an economic health fostered by a level playing field between Indian industries, academic institutions, students and entrepreneurs. AITMC’s vision is to encourage entrepreneurship and also increase opportunities for employment.

  • To act as a catalyst and bring about growth and development of the Indian economy.
  • To articulate the views of the industries to the government.
  • To support startup by funding and also by providing other resources.
  • To eliminate monopoly and ensure a level playing field for both major and minor players.
  • To assist new entrepreneurs with their ventures and bring them up to speed with the latest technologies.
  • To increase employment opportunities by building a collaboration between the central and state governments as well as between the corporate sector and the academic institutes.
  • To identify and address special needs of the smaller sectors to make it more competitive.
  • To improve job specific skills through special Centers of Excellence setup across the country.
  • To provide consultancy services to universities and institutions for content and curriculum development as per the needs of the industry.
  • To facilitate alliances between Indian and foreign universities/institutions for improved learning.
  • To keep abreast of technological advancements and promote awareness through frequent seminars and workshops.
  • To opt for a proactive partnership approach with the Indian government on different national and global issues related to the economy.

Bridging the gap by building a level playing field

AITMC’s main focus is on providing a platform for the growth of Indian industries and entrepreneurs and also on increasing employment opportunities through advisory, policy reforms and other consultative processes. The organization’s main objectives are: